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The Heritage Fruit Tree Co                Tel    01295 810516 / 07950006813

Andy Howards' - The Heritage Fruit Tree Company is helping to save our fruit tree heritage. Over 200 varieties of Heritage Fruit trees in stock including apples,pears,cherries,plums and other top fruit and soft fruit. And the Deddington Pippin (discovered', named and propagated by Andy in 2007) as featured on  the BBC4 Apples - British to the Core  ---www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUAJ0F1oH-M   (Starts at 10mins 52 secs but whole programme is worth watching!! -)

The Heritage Fruit Tree Company is on a mission to bring back traditional varieties of apple, and other fruit, many of which are now endangered.  They launched ‘The Heritage Fruit Tree Company’ to make tasty,rare and unusual apples including the Deddington Pippin available to the public and to help the conservation of our national fruit heritage. We have searched out and hand-grafted dozens of regional heritage apple tree varieties, including delicious dessert apples ( The Deddington Pippin) excellent cookers, and dual purpose apples that can be eaten or cooked.  We are also providing a wide
range of vintage cider apple varieties to meet a new interest in home cider production.

All of their apple trees can be supplied in various sizes M27/M9/M26/M106/M111/M25
including a miniature form that can grow in a large tub or garden border, reaching only six feet and yet still bearing  up to 25lb fruit, with first crops within just two to three years. 
All trees that are grown by the Heritage Fruit Tree Co are grown without chemicals in locally sourced soil association approved compost and are hardy outdoor propagated.  Pot grown they can be planted at any time of the year. 


We also source other UK grown hardy bare root fruit trees  and bushes from some of the best UK growing nurseries which can be supplied as bare root or container grown. To guarantee requirements for autumn planting please reserve your trees by July !!! Mail order service available. 
Besides at Apple Days and Specialist Plant Fairs,( August -Nov). E-mail us  for the full list of shows  I attend. Heritage fruit trees are also available direct,  TEL 01295 810516 / 0795 000 6813   and speak to Andy Howard for further details.  
 Unfortunately I cant take any calls on my mobile Thurs  till after 3pm but send us a text or call  the office on my landline and I will call you straight back asap)  or : Email :    johoward@metronet.co.uk    


Trees can be delivered straight to your local home or planting  site at a reasonable prices or sent by courier nationally.  Payment by BACS or cheque in advance of delivery. 
Email       johoward@metronet.co.uk     for details of all the fruit trees and bushes we can supply.  FREE 30 page PDF catalogue available by email (774Kb) (Please add a contact phone no as well  !!)  or download of the "Further info" page.
Full off fruit growing useful info.   We are small enough to give you personal service  but large enough to supply all your fruit tree requirements. We also  work to support local heritage fruit conservation efforts and have co- founded the new Mid-Shires Orchard Group to encourage the preservation of local heritage fruit varieties and home-fruit production. 


Orchard surveys, Orchard Planning  and consultancy, reports and planting undertaken. Grafting, Budding, Winter and Summer pruning courses available as groups or one to one.  All aspects of renewal, formative and annual maintenance pruning. Talks to Gardening Groups, Conservation groups, Sustainable communities, Schools and Womens Institutes. Apple day attendance and planning - including fruit sourcing for tasting and identification.............



We are located at:

The Heritage Fruit Tree Company
27 Walton Avenue

Twyford, Banbury, Oxon

OX17 3JY

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